@ Cyber Café opened in August 2003. Prior to this Ian had spent 2 Years studying I.C.T in Carlisle College and a further 3 years at the University of Northumbria, Matthew spent 2 years in Carlisle studying I.C.T at Carlisle College and a further 3 years at St.Martins in Lancaster.

In the Cyber Cafes second year Learn @ Cyber Café was opened to provide government funded education and training. The contract lasted two years during which the Learn @ Cyber Café helped to educate hundreds of adult learners. Currently Ian and Matthew have a combined 20+ years IT experience ranging from education and training to sales, maintenance and servicing.

The @ Cyber Café continues to provide a safe environment for internet access and computer gaming. Located in the centre of Carlisle. We have recently moved to a ground floor property on Warwick Road, the public use the computer services for internet access, document scanning, video conferencing and computer network gaming.

We hope you enjoy your Cyber Café experience